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Silvertips Knight of Danalimatt X Calkerry Roach at Raezhaven


Breed - English Cocker Spaniel (working type)
Registrations - KC
Date of Birth - 29th June 2009
Colour - Liver Roan
Hip Score - 3:6
Eye Tested: Goniodysgenesis Unaffected / CEA/PRA/PLL clear 13/09/10
Hearing Tested: normal
prcdPRA DNA status - genetically clear by parentage
FN DNA status - genetically clear by parentage
Colour genes carried - Gold/Lemon (ee) and tan point

I wasn't actually looking for another cocker but when I saw this litter I totally fell in love with the two liver roan boys and when Rach offered me one I just couldn't resist. He is sired by the lovely Rupert (same dad as Tarka) but brings new lines to those I already have.

Travis is now a fully trained flyball dog and is currently running as the height dog in our top team; he runs 11" (medium agility) and is proving to be a little star!

Travis is now fully health tested and available at stud; his first litter are HERE. Please check our Stud Contract for more information.


Image: 14 months old

Image: 14 months old

Image: 5 months old

Image: 10 weeks old

Image: 7 weeks old

Image: 7 weeks old

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