Bryning True Believer

Locheil True Scot X Sheltysham Special Spode to Bryning

8th October 2006 - 8th January 2018

Image: Faith at 13 months old (photo courtesy of our friends at www.bordermania.hu )

Registrations: KC
Colour: Black Tricolour
Date of Birth: 8th October 2006
Eye Tested: Goniodysgenesis Unaffected, CEA/PRA/PLL clear 22.05.09
CEA/CH DNA status: genetically normal by parentage
TNS status: carrier
Hip Score: 3:8
Colour genes carried: dilute

I picked Faith at 4 weeks old after stacking her up for puppy photos. She certainly wasn't the 'flashy' one in the litter but there was just something about her. She seems to have inherited the best bits of both her parents but has proven to be a slow maturre like Lexie; she is just coming into her prime at 3 years old following her first litter. I just adore this little girl, she has just the sweetest expression and a lovely bold and easy going character. She is proving to be extremely easy to train, driven and focused but biddable and smart with it; she picks things up very quickly and then likes to show off to everyone how clever she is!

Faith's flyball is improving all the time and she is now running in our top team alongside her litter brother Dylan. Visit our Flyball Team website to see more of 'Fi' in action. Her agility training is still a 'work in progress' mainly due to a lack of time on my behalf, we have all the equipment sussed but are struggling with focus in competition, hopefully this will come with experience.



Show Results

Border Collie Club of GB
Judge - Mrs Veronica Avory
1st in Special Open (Agility) Bitch Stakes (12 entries)

Darlington Champ Show 13th September 2008
Judge - Mrs S Large (Wizaland)
4th (reserve) in Yearling Bitch

5th May 2008 East Anglia Border Collie Club
Judge - Ms Penny Forster-Cooper (Sheltysham)
Yearling Bitch - 3rd (Crufts qualified for 2009)

4th Nov 2007 Scottish BCC Champ Show
Judge - Miss Jo Ratcliffe
Junior Bitch - 5th (VHC)

25th August 2007 Scottish Kennel Club Champ Show
Judge - Mr C Reed
Junior Bitch - 5th (VHC)

18th August 2007 Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show
Judge - Mr R Searle
Puppy Bitch - 5th (VHC)

8th July 2007 South Wales Kennel Assoc.
Judge - Sue Large (Wizaland)
Minor Puppy Bitch - 2nd place (Crufts Qualified for 2008)
**QUALIFIED FOR BCCGB Pup of the Year 2007**


Image: Faith with her 'best buddy' Wren (Bryning Goldfinch)

Image: 20 months old (courtesy of Hazell Brown)

Image: Faith at 13 months old (photo courtesy of our friends at www.bordermania.hu )

9 months old...

Image: 9 months old


6 months old

Image: Faith at 6 months old



9 weeks old


4 weeks old


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