Cracoe Amy at Bryning

Thornray Burberry X Bushburn Duchess


Breed - English Cocker Spaniel (working type)
Colour - Blue Roan and tan
Hip Score - 4:5
Eye Tested: Goniodysgenesis Unaffected, PRA/PLL clear 22.05.09
prcdPRA DNA status - carrier
Colour genes carried - Gold/Lemon (ee)



I have never met a little dog quite like this one, she came home at 18 weeks old and just settled straight in, she is a happy outgoing little girl who loves everyone; she is so confident with all the new dogs and people she meets and almost always has something in her mouth...usually a tennis ball!!

Teal is quite a short and stocky cocker, her passion is her flyball where she is now running as the height dog in our top team and is doing really well, their fastest time in 2009 was 17.71secs. Teal has also started training in agility which she also really loves; she has measured into the 'small' category for this.

Visit our Flyball Team website to see more of Teal in action and check out her flyball and agility videos below!

Some video of Teal competing in flyball (running 3rd dog) and doing some box training…

Video of Teal agility training…

Image: Teal aged 16 months

Image: Teal at 16 months old

Image: Teal at 11 months old (Mar '07)

Image: Oct '06

Image: Sept '06

Image: typical cocker pose!! (Sept '06)

Image: paying attention!! (Sept '06)

Image: funny face!! (5 months old)

Image: 5 months old


Image: 5 months

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