Locheil Crazy Chic at Bryning

Locheil Time Moves On X Tamarsh Chicago Hope at Locheil

Image: 12 months old

Dottie is a really wonderful character, fiercly independant since day one - she is VERY forward and outgoing, loud, pushy, brash and an awful lot of fun!

Dot has had considerable success in the showring with only limited outings, including a reserve CC under breed specialist judge Toni Jackson but her real passion is her flyball...she absolutely loves it and is proving to be a very useful little dog running fast and consistent times. Dot regularly runs in our top team, she also competed in the 2009 and 2010 European Flyball Championships. In her short career she has already achieved her Advanced status, Silver and Gold Awards while also managing to fit in rearing a couple of litters of puppies! She's a real little superstar.

Visit our Flyball Team website to see more of Dot in action.

Registrations: KC (stud book number)
Colour: Black Tricolour
Date of Birth: 28th June 2005
Eye Tested: CEA/cPRA/PLL clear 27th Feb 2007
Goniodysgensis Tested: Unaffected 22.05.09
CEA/CH DNA status: genetically normal
CL DNA status: genetically normal
TNS DNA tested: 'clear'
Hip Score: 3:2
Colour genes carried: dilute



Image: Dottie after winning the res CC at Richmond 2009

Show Results

A video of Dottie moving in the ring...

08.11.10 Scottish Border Collie Club Championship Show - Judge: Mrs Bev Smith
4th (reserve) in Open Bitch

12.09.09 Richmond Championship Show - Judge: Mrs Toni Jackson (Elbereth)
1st in Limit Bitch
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate!
Judge's critique...
Holtappel’s Locheil Crazy Chic at Bryning
Strong built bigger bitch, lovely profile, good length to back, slope to croup and low set tail. Broad skull, short muzzle and head of very good proportions, loved her expression which really melted me. Excels for angulation and one with excellent neck of correct length and well toned throughout. Effortless on the move, such powerful drive from behind, just unlucky to meet the open bitch winner on form, res CC

02.11.08 Scottish Border Collie Club - Judge: Mrs Carolyn Ward (Caristan)
4th Reserve in Post Graduate Bitch

28.08.08 Scottish Kennel Club - Judge: Mr S Richardson
5th VHC in Limit Bitch

4.11.07 Scottish BCC Champ Show - Judge: Miss Jo Ratcliffe (Grandver)
5th VHC in Post Graduate Bitch

3.11.07 W&PBS Champ Show - Judge: Mrs Jean Entwistle (Beesting)
5th VHC in Post Graduate Bitch

8th July 2007 South Wales Kennel Assoc.
Judge - Sue Large (Wizaland)
4th (reserve) in Post Graduate Bitch

19.01.07 Manchester Champ Show - judge Mrs V Avery
5th VHC in Post Graduate Bitch

14.01.07 NWBCC Open Show - judge Mrs A Lunt
2nd in Novice Bitch

01.07.06 Windsor Champ Show - judge Angela Gillespie
1st in Junior Bitch (21 entries/2 abs)

19.03.06 BCCGB Champ Show - judge Maggie Holiday
5th (VHC) in Minor Puppy Bitch (17 entries)


Image: with me and Mac, posing with her BFA Gold Award

Image: nearly 2 years old

Image: 12 months old

Four and half months old...



Dottie at 8 weeks old




...maybe we should have called her Becks!!!!

Dottie at 4 weeks old




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