This page contains details of puppies and older dogs that may be available, either bred by me or sired by one of my dogs...


If you are genuinely interested in a Bryning pup please read first about our puppies and e-mail me.

We have exported puppies to mainland Europe, Scandanavia, Bermuda, Cananda and the United States; if you are interested in importing a Bryning puppy please contact me to discuss further.
(please note - we will not export to Asia)

Border Collies


I don't have any pups available at the moment but may have a litter later in the year

Adult Dogs

Not everybody has the ideal time and circumstances to take on a young puppy. I do often have or know of adult dogs and bitches looking for new homes so if you're looking for an older dog rather than a puppy and would prefer not to take on a rescue then please get in touch and I will try and help.

Working Cocker Spaniels

I will not be having any more cocker puppies for the foreseeable future.

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