Sadghyl Pip me to Comebye CDX UDX

Sadghyl Cairn 169884 X Beck 165084

Image: Pip in his prime (photo by Jacky Goulder)

Registrations: KC and ISDS (193219)
Colour: Chocolate merle
Date of Birth: 10th October 1990
Eye Tested: CEA/cPRA/PLL unaffected
Hip Score: 3:4
Colours carried: tricolour, dilute

Pip is one of those almost iconic dogs, he was very widely known while he was alive through his participation in working trials and obedience competitions, as well as a demonstration sheepdog at country fairs and events with his original owner Jacky Goulder. He was 12 years old when I met him for the first time and was still full of himself! The last time I saw him just before his death was the summer of 2005, he was nearly 15 years old and still came running up the field to the gate with his daughter Spangle to greet me, climbing up for a fuss and pushing Spangle out the way. She is very much like him in both looks, type and personality as is her grand-daughter and half sister Kes. I am extremely fortunate to have owned some of his last progeny in the form of Spangle, Mac, Kes and Molly.

Pip's legacy is pretty impressive, he is behind successful trialling, obedience, flyball, agility and show dogs all around the world; he was a widely used stud dog in all disciplines and his progeny are reknowned for their mental and physical strength and stamina and excellent health. Pip is very much missed by a lot of people.


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