Bryning Bright Spark

27th June 2007 - 6th August 2013

Locheil the Future’s Bright at Bryning X Bryning Sparkle ‘n’ Shine

1 CC, 2 RCC's

Tragically Spark passed away on the 6th August 2013 aged just 6 years old, he suffered massive head trauma after running into an open door at home and while the vets did all they could to try and stabilise him, the brain damage was too severe and he slipped away.

Words simply cannot express how deeply I feel his loss, he was ‘my boy’ from the moment he was born and I feel so blessed for the 6 years I had with him; not only was he a successful show dog, flyball dog and sire, developing a fanbase worldwide, but he was my best friend, he had the most gentle loving nature and always gave his all while asking nothing in return. His zest for life, boundless energy and reckless enthusiasm seems to have been his downfall in the end, bless him…my heart is broken into a million pieces by his passing. Run free Sparky-Bob…mummy’s boy…I miss your smile every day xxx

Image: Spark smiling

I have hankered after a classically marked, show quality blue merle dog for quite some time but nothing has been ‘quite right’, I had a very definite idea in my head of how this boy would look so it was with some slightly apprehensive but excited anticipation that I awaited this litter. Sure enough, Dazzle obliged and Spark was born. I'm very pleased with the way he's shaped up, he's exactly what I had hoped for.

He has the most endearing character and sweet nature, happy and bouncy and eager to 'do' but laid back, sweet and loving too. He is a super friendly boy with everyone he meets...people and dogs alike.

Spark has had considerable success with only limited outings in the showring. Throughout 2010 he attended only 7 Championship Breed Shows and came away with 5 class wins including 1st in Limit and the reserve CC at Crufts under judge Christine Richardson, 1st in Limit and his 1st CC at Scottish Border Collie Club under breed speciallist judge Sue Large (Wizaland) and 1st in his first Open class at LKA under breed speciallist judge Pat Wilkinson (Altricia). Thanks must go to the judges that have thought so highly of my precious boy :o)

2011 has seen Spark spend even less time in the showring and start competing in BFA flyball where he's proved to be a fast and reliable team dog; it also saw him competing at the 2011 European Championships in Germany. I'm so pleased with his progress in such a short time but I'm not sure how keen he is on going back into the showring now...I think he quite enjoys being a flyball hooligan! He still managed to round off the year in style by winning Limit Dog and taking the Reserve CC at West of England Championship Show in November under Breed Speciallist judge Josie Large (Wizinby).

After Crufts 2012 I took the decision to retire Spark from the show ring, he had absolutely lost any interest and just wasn’t going well in the ring, for a dog that has done as well as he has, there is little point taking him out unless his heart is in it so he instead spent the year being the hooligan dirt bag he enjoys so much! lol


I decided to take him to Crufts 2013 because it’s a show he does tend to enjoy...he gets much admired and a lot of attention and cuddles :o) I was absolutely delighted when he went beautifully and placed 2nd in a huge quality Open Dog class and was then considered for the Reserve CC so who knows, maybe he’ll make an odd appearance in the ring again at some point in the future.

Spark's pups are excelling in all fields. Placing well in the showrings and winning well in agility and flyball too. Click HERE to see some of his kids.

Registrations: KC (stud book number)
Colour: Blue Merle
Date of Birth: 27th June 2007
Colour genes carried: dilute

Eye Tested: Goniodysgenesis Unaffected / CEA/PRA/PLL clear 22.05.09
CEA/CH DNA status: genetically normal
TNS DNA status: genetically clear
NCL DNA status: genetically clear
Hip Score: 5:2
Elbow Score: 0:0
BAER Hearing tested: Normal

Image: Spark's Pedigree

Image: Competing at the 2011 European Flyball Championships in Germany

Show Results

Image: Crufts 2010 - winning Limit Dog and taking the RCC

10th March 2013 - CRUFTS
Judge - Mrs Tracey Wilkinson (Altricia)
2nd in Open Dog

12th February 2012 - Ambiorixtrofee International Show, Genk, Belgium
Judge - Mrs M Kips (Lux)
4th-Excellent in Open Dog

Midland Border Collie Club 3rd Feb 2012
Judge - Mr Bob Henry
5th (VHC) in Limit Dog

West of England Border Collie Club 20th November 2011
Judge - Miss Josie Large (Wizinby)
1st in Limit Dog
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate!

Midland Border Collie Club 5th February 2011
Judge - Mrs Heather Turner (Locheil)
3rd in Open Dog

Ladies Kennel Association 11th December 2010
Judge - Mrs Pat Wilkinson (Altricia)
1st in Open Dog (18 entries/3 abs)

Scottish Border Collie Club 7th November 2010
Judge - Mrs Sue Large (Wizaland)
1st in Limt Dog (17 entries)
Dog Challenge Certificate!
Judges Critique - Well marked blue merle that I have always admired and was not disappointed when I judged him. Super type, super boned without being coarse, well presented. Lovely head piece, effective ears and good eye colour and shape giving a fantastic expression. Good reach of neck onto good topline. Well laid shoulders, neat front with plenty of heart room, good length of ribbing and neat correct loin, good croup and well let down rear. Moves well in all directions covering the ground smoothly and tirelessly. So pleased to award him his first C.C.

North West Border Collie Club 17th October 2010
Judge - Mr Bob Tunnicliffe (Littlethorn)
1st in Special Open AOC (10 entries)

Border Collie Club of GB 21st March 2010
Judge - Mr Doug Collier (Collherd)
1st in Special Open AOC (10 entries)

Crufts Dog Show Society 11th March 2010
Judge - Mrs JC Richardson
1st in Limit Dog (28 entered/3 absent)
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate!
Judges critique...
Holtappel’s Bryning Bright Spark. Res CC. Beautiful blue merle dog, good colour, gorgeous head and expression, well boned, good angulation and topline, moved soundly, very hard decision but just preferred the side gait of the CC winner. Well handled and presented.

Spark in the ring at Crufts...

Darlington Championship Show 19th September 2009
Judge - Mr Morthen Mathes (Gawain kennels, Denmark)
3rd in Limit Dog (18 entered/4 absent)

Spark in the ring at Darlington...

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 30th August 2009
Judge - Mrs Ann Jordan (Cories)
3rd in Limit Dog
**gaining his stud book number and lifetime Crufts qualification**

Blackpool Championship Show 28th June 2009
Judge - Mr Andrew Brace
4th (reserve) in Mid Limit Dog

Crufts Dog Show Society 8th March 2009
Judge - Mrs S Clark
3rd in Yearling Dog (21 ent/3 abs)
**Crufts Qualified for 2010**

Scottish Border Collie Club Championship Show 2nd November 2008
Judge - Mrs A Layte (Pittensair)
2nd in Junior Dog

Darlington Championship Show 13th September 2008
Judge - Mrs S Large (Wizaland)
1st in Junior Dog
Judges' Critique - 'lovely type, presented a beautiful picture on the stand & lovely to go over, everything in the right place which showed in his clean easy sound movement'

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show 24th August 2008
Judge - Mr S Richardson
2nd in Junior Dog

Blackpool Championship Show 22nd June 2008
Judge - Mr Hugh Jones
2nd in Graduate dog
Judges' Critique - 'reasonable head pattern (Nat - not sure what that means?!!), good reach of neck, well developed ribcage & level topline, well angulated hindquarters, moved in unison with handler

East Anglia Border Collie Club Championship Show 5th May 2008
Judge - Mrs Pam Harris (Mobella)
2nd in Puppy Dog (Crufts Qualified for 2009)
3rd in Any Other Colour dog

Midlands Border Collie Club Championship Show 3rd February 2008
Judge - Mrs Margaret Crispin (Tracelyn)
5th (VHC) in Minor Puppy Dog

Image: On the move in the big ring at Crufts 2009 (pic courtesy of Judit Novak)

Image: Crufts 2009 - 3rd in Yearling Dog

Image: 2 years old

Image: head shot 15 months old

Image: 15 months old

Image: out and about

Image: Spark head, nearly 12 months (courtesy of Hazell Brown)

Image: stacked at 9 months old

Image: Spark stacked at 4 months old

Image: Spark at 14 weeks old

Image: 8 weeks

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