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Although my collies are my passion I grew up with Spaniels, my family always had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and I lost my old rescue blenheim, Ben in March 2006, (he had just turned 16!), sadly they don't make Cavaliers like him any more, he was a really old fashioned tall athletic working type, strong, bold and outgoing, who would run, swim and retrieve all day long. He is very much missed.

Image: Ben, my old Cavalier and Oskar the young rescue springer

In 2001 I also took in a 5 month old springer pup needing a new home, Oskar was bred up near Cockermouth in Cumbria, he was all working breeding; an absolute joy to train and handle; he lived with my brother and his family and I raced him on the weekends.

Oskar died at only 5 years old after a short and sudden illness on 14th November 2006...we were heart broken by the loss of this special little dog and added his own tribute page to remember him by.

After losing Ben in the spring of 2006 I began looking around for another little spaniel to join Oskar, I really don't like most of the modern Cavaliers and after much debating I settled on a working cocker. Teal arrived in Sept 2006, she is from working parents and is such a pretty little girl, she is quite unusual because she is blue roan and tan. I was totally bowled over by this little dog, as well as simply being a pleasure to live with, her speed, power, intelligence and enthusiasm is just boundless! Following the loss of Oskar, Teal's arrival was closely followed by Drake, he is 3 months younger than her and had quite a lot to live up to but he is a fantastic character too! Drake has grown into a much bigger dog than Teal, he is incredibly fast and powerful which shows in his competing. As much as I don't like to compare them he reminds me so much of Oskar in his mannerisms and running style and is proving to be equal to the task! Drake has gone to live with friends and I now have his and Teal's grandaughter Tarka along with her half brother Travis so quite a cocker clan!

Read more about my cocker spaniels.

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