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CH Glenholm Dylan X CH Mindlen Midge at Glendream

Image: Squirrel at 9 months old

Breed - Parson Russell Terrier
Registrations - KC
Date of Birth - 12th December 2007
Coat Type/Colour - Broken Coated Tricolour
Eye Tested: clear 22.05.09
PLL DNA Status: Tested Normal

Squirrel is from my friend Paul Fitzsimmons at Glendream Parson Russell's; I adore her mother Sally who is a keen, lively and biddable little dog...completely ball mad and doing well in the showring too. So far I have not been dissapointed in any way, she is super dog to live with, very easy going and well behaved and friendly and outgoing with people and dogs, she is an absolute joy to own and everyone that meets her wants to take her home! (no chance!)

Squirrel is coming along really nicely, she had a super litter of pups over winter and is now concentrating on her flyball career!



Image: 9 months old

Image: sleeping in the toy box - 18 weeks old

Image: 10 weeks old - first walk

Image: 9 weeks old

Image: 7 weeks old

Seven weeks old...settling in...

Image: The Tricolour Terrors!! Olive and Squirrel

Image: 7 weeks old - making herself at home

Image: Me and my mate...Squirrel and Jude

Image: Five Weeks Old

Image: Two Weeks Old

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