Nidderdale Tammy (ISDS Tammy 277386)

Highfield Jamie 267204 x Jill 264948


Registrations: KC and ISDS
Colour: Black tricolour
Date of Birth: 26th December 2004
Colour genes carried - chocolate and dilute

Current Eye Test: CEA/cPRA/PLL unaffected
CEA/CH DNA status: tested Normal
TNS DNA status: tested Clear
Hip Score: 19:2

Tammy has come from my good friend Laura Cunningham at Corriedhu sheepdogs. She is trained to work both sheep and cattle. She was born and reared on a Dairy farm where she lived and worked as a young adult. Working with dairy cows can be a dangerous business for a dog and Tammy subsequently has damage to one of her hips which has been shown by x-ray. Luckily this does not affect her mobility in any way and she can run like the wind! Her other hip is scored 2 and the pups from her first litter (at Corriedhu) have received excellent hip scores.

Tammy is something of a free spirit having led a rather ‘free range’ lifestyle in her youth. She is very independent and self confident and reminds me very much of Kes in this way. Also like Kes, she is very kind, gentle and loyal and extremely good with other dogs. She is a very honest sort of a bitch who is easy to have around.


Image: photo by L Cunningham

Image: photo by L Cunningham

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