These links have been provided to guide you to sites of useful information and other border collie breeders and enthusiasts around the world, hopefully you should meet some anscestors, siblings and progeny of our dogs on the way!

Sites relating to health issues

BVA Canine Health Schemes - find out more

Border Collie Health - database of CEA/CH, CL and TNS test results from around the world

OptiGen Diagnostic Laboratories - info on CEA/CH and NCL DNA testing

Sites of interest

Perfectly Engraved – Offers a wide selection of dog tags

Agilitynet - a great online resource for everything agility

Border Collie Club of Great Britain

Border Collie Trust GB (rescue charity and online shop)

British Flyball Assosciation

Demon Dogz Flyball Teams (our team!!)

International Sheep Dog Society

Natures Menu Natural Pet Food

Other 'Brynings' at home and abroad

The Dog Shop, Sweden - home of Bryning Blue Smartie

Abbybabby - agility and show dogs in Sweden (home of Sno - Bryning Snowstorm)

Diamond Dog Training - agility and general dog training in North Somerset (and home of Ty, Bryning Blue Diamond)

Hazel's Collies - home of Felix (B. Feadh Ree), Indy (B. Indian Lark) and Harry (B. Winter Storm)

Hudson Doglets...home of 'Naughty Niamh' (Bryning Red Rascal) and her canine companions

K9 Krackers - border collies, boarding kennels and dog training on Portugals' Silver Coast - home of Ziggy (Bryning Unbelievable)

Ruffs Dogs - home of Diesel (Bryning Don't Stop me Now at Ruffs)

Susan's Blog - border collies and welsh sheepdogs in Oklahoma, USA (home of 'Jeep' - Bryning Believe it or Not)

Border Collie breeders from around the world


Aviary Border Collies - Home of Teal (B. Time to Shine) and Wren (B. Goldfinch) and their buddies!

Bekkis Border Collies

Borderbrook Border Collies

Borderpride Border Collies

Canen Border Collies

Corrie Dhu Sheepdogs (home of Quillan - Bryning Quillan)

Croxlea Border Collies (home of 'Lola' - Bryning love in a mist at Croxlea)

Glendream Border Collies

Locheil Border Collies

LookyLooky Border Collies

Sheltysham Border Collies

Starside Border Collies & Chinese Cresteds

Trevellis BC's (home of 'Indi' - B. Little Red Indian; 'Jace' - B. Ray of Sunshine; 'Flynn' - B. Bright Future and 'Drew' - B. Red Sea)

Willianways Border Collies

Wizaland Border Collies


Sparkling Guy's Border Collies and Parson Russell Terriers (home of 'Rudi' - B. Red Robin and 'DD' - B. Diamond Dove)


Doggone Borders (home of 'Echo' - B. Leap in the Dark and 'Spice' - B. Supersonic)

Hof Diabolo Border Collies (home of 'Skye' - B. Leap to the Sky and 'Dino' - B. Beyond Belief)

From Imkes Friends (home of Bryning Neopolitan)

Raysz of Light Border Collies

Sun Loch Valley Border Collies

Vlassenhout Border Collies (home of 'Ashley' - B. Lovers' Leap and 'Beau' - B. Beaufort Sea)


Pikkupaimenen Border Collies


Kleine Arche (Little Arch) Border Collies

Kuhaylans Border Collies


Nice of You To Comebye Kennels


Bordermania Kennel (home of 'Nevis' - Bryning Crazy For You)


Borderbay Border Collies

Fairyknowe Border Collies


Majestic Border Collies

Noteworthy Border Collies

Companion Kennels (home of Cow-Boy, Bryning I'm a Believer)


Nahrof Border Collies

Pawtails Border Collies


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