Spinchetti Cete at Bryning

FT CH Danderw Druid X Windmillwood Opal of Spinnchetti

Image: Drake at 12 months old

Breed - English Cocker Spaniel (working type)
Registrations - KC
Date of Birth - 31st July 2006
Colour - Black and tan
Hip Score - 3:5
Eye Tested: Goniodysgenesis Affected 22.05.09
prcdPRA DNA status - Normal/Clear
Colour genes carried - Roan and Liver

I was so impressed by Teal that I knew I would have another cocker at some point, just wasn't expecting it to be quite so soon! When I saw Drake's litter advertised I knew he was the one and I jumped at the chance. The combination of some of my favourite dogs in his pedigree along with his colouring and the fact he also carries liver and roan just seemed too good an opportunity to miss!

Drake had quite a lot to live up to following in the footsteps of Teal but he has the most superb friendly, outgoing and biddable temperament; he has trained up for flyball very quickly and achieved his Advanced award within 6 months of making his open competition debut! He is the most naturally muscular and powerful cocker I've ever seen which means he can cover the ground very quickly and jump just about anything! (it also means that it hurts like hell when he launches himself at you! lol); he's also quite a tall dog, standing just over 17" at the withers he's a good 4" taller than Teal.

Visit our Flyball Team website to see more of Drake in action.

Please Note - Drake is NOT available at stud.



You may notice that photos of Drake are a rare thing...that's because he's NEVER still!! You may also notice that he is wet in most pics....that's because he's never out of the water!!

Here he is out on our walk at 7 months old...he's grown into a tall, rangy and athletic dog.

Image: 7 months - on the riverbank up Pendle Hill

Image: 7 months - perched on the rocks waiting like a performing seal...got to beat those darned collies somehow!!

Image: Waiting....

Image: 11 weeks

Image: 11 weeks old

Image: 9 weeks

Image: 9 weeks old

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