Stud Contract

Some of my boys are offered at limited stud and only if I am happy that they have something valuable to offer the breed without perpetuating any health/temperament issues.

Anyone is welcome to make stud enquiries but I will expect that you have already done your homework and be familiar with the dog you are enquiring about regards pedigree and health results etc. You must also be prepared to answer questions about your bitch, her breeding and health results, why you are looking at this particular dog and what you are looking to achieve from the mating.

I am very picky about where and how my boys are used, partly as my duty in assuming some responsibility for the breed as a whole and also in taking responsibility for my own breeding too. It is the responsibility of a stud dog owner to say ‘No’ where they genuinely believe a combination is not suitable; some stud dog owners don’t care about anything except bringing in stud fees, as a bitch owner this is something you need to be wary of; not every dog available at stud will be right for your bitch so make sure you are not persuaded into using a particular dog by someone just looking to take your money. You will not see any of my stud dogs siring huge numbers of litters and I will not try to ‘sell’ my dog to you, I keep them for my own use and they are not expected to ‘earn their keep’ in stud duties.

All bitches must be of known pedigree, sound in type and temperament, in good health and under the age of six if this is their first litter.

Border Collies
ALL bitches MUST be hip scored and adult eye tested clear and the supporting documentation for each test must be available. They must also be of known genetic TNS, CL and CEA status. Since all my boys are genetically clear I will always consider a carrier bitch provided the bitch owner agrees to either test and/or endorse the litter.

Stud fees vary depending on breed, proven stud record and individual achievements of each of my boys so please e-mail me to find out more. A Stud fee consists of a one off, non returnable ‘service fee’ of £100.00 payable at the time of the first mating followed by the balance payable on the birth of two or more live puppies. A service fee allows for two matings, at the bitch owners choice (availability permitting) but recommended two days apart. The stud fee also includes litter advertising on my website; advice and support is also offered to less experienced breeders if required.

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