Spark Progeny

I decided to add this page to 'show off' Spark's kids :)

Spark is producing some beautiful 'all purpose' puppies...with sound construction and movement for the showring along with the speed, agility, drive and trainability for dogsports. The perfect allrounders! :)

You may notice a common theme in these photos, just like daddy, Spark babies like to always have something in their mouth! lol

Hover your mouse over each pic for more information about each dog...

Image: 'Jack' - Bryning the Jean Genie at Glendream (out of Locheil Mercy Me) ...did a lot of winning in the showring as a puppy but sadly died of a gastric torsion 3 days before his first birthday...RIP young Jack x

Image: Spark with his daughter Flurrie - Bryning Blue Sapphire at 6 months old (dam - Locheil Mercy me at Bryning)

Image: 'Iceman' - Bryning Cool as Ice at 6 months old (dam - Bryning Little Lorikeet)

Image: Tarn, Bryning Goshawk (dam - Canen Kestrel over Bryning)

Image: Noah, Bryning Gyrfalcon (dam - Canen Kestrel over Bryning)

Image: Daisy - Bryning Sandpiper (dam - Canen Kestrel over Bryning)

Image: Skye, Bryning Snowfinch (dam - Canen Kestrel over Bryning)

Image: Skye - Bryning Snowfinch

Image: 'Indie' - Bryning Nighthawk (dam - Canen Kestrel over Bryning)

Image: 'Mieken' (Hello It's Me Van't Vlassenhout) , 'Boyken' (Handsome Boy Van't Vlassenhout) and Heaven (Heaven Van't Vlassenhout) out of Lux Pol CH Willowtree Dewdrop

Image: 'Fleck' - Locheil Silver Sixpence For Croxlea (dam - Locheil Sheer Delight) photo by Jason Higgins

Image: 'Erin' - Locheil She's Delightful (dam - Locheil Sheer Delight)

Image: 'Story' - Locheil Tell me a Story (Dam - Locheil Victoria's Secret)

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