Interested in giving a home to one of our puppies???

Taking on a puppy, whatever the breed, is a big decision so please make sure you've carefully thought it through before making any enquiries. Breeders are usually very busy people and do not appreciate timewasters...I am no exception.

If you think you may be interested in one of our puppies please bear in mind that working breeds are not for the faint hearted; my dogs are all bred with some aspect of work in mind so will require an active and stimulating lifestyle and priority will always be given to experienced and competitive homes.

I don't breed regularly these days so litters are infrequent, I also don't operate a waiting list. I like to see what I get in each litter and assess the puppies before deciding which one is staying here or being placed out on breeding terms etc. It's not until I've done this that I know which pups will be available for homing. I usually suggest that people keep in touch if there is a particular litter they are interested in.

It is always better to contact me by e-mail in the first instance but please be aware that I am always busy with the dogs and I do receive a lot of e-mails so it may take me a while to reply (sorry!)

Please take the time to read about the prospective litter and the parents before contacting me and asking questions that are already answered on this website.

Please also take the time to tell me as much as possible about yourself and your circumstances and why you want a puppy in your e-mail. Single line enquiries will not receive a reply, if you can't make the effort to do this then a Bryning puppy really isn't the dog for you!

Thinking of an older dog??

Not everybody has the ideal time and circumstances to take on a young puppy or rescue.

I do occasionally have adult dogs and bitches looking for new homes and often know of others so if you're looking for an older dog rather than a puppy and would prefer not to take on a rescue then please get in touch and I will try and help.

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About our breeding...

All the dogs we use for breeding are hip scored, eye tested and either genetically clear or DNA tested for CEA/CH, TNS and CL. See the Border Collie Health page for more informtaion.

All the puppies are born and reared in the home environment and while we allow them and mum peace and quiet for the first 7-10 days we then encourage them to be handled and socialised as much as possible before leaving us at around 7/8 weeks old.

While all our dogs are wormed routinely every 3 months, bitches in whelp (pregnancy) are wormed daily from day 40 of pregnancy up to 2 days post whelping and the pups are subsequently wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.

All pups are registered with the Kennel Club and/or ISDS (International Sheep Dog Society) depending on eligibility. All our pups leave home with a weeks supply of puppy food and a starter pack which includes registration documents, pedigrees, health screening info, useful references and all our contact details. We like to keep in contact with all our puppies and expect regular updates from new owners while always being on hand to provide help and support where needed.

Please note that if, for whatever reason, you are unable to keep your dog at any point in the future, it MUST be returned to me.

Image: Bryning pups at 2 weeks old



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