Nice of You to Comebye Boomerang Boy (IMP Ned)

Elegance in Red x Nice of you to Comebye Jolly Jolie

Image: 9 months old

Registrations: NHSB & KC
Colour: Golden (ee) Red and White
Date of Birth: 19th April 2011
Colour genes carried:
Eye Tested: Clear
Goniodysgensis Tested: Clear
CEA/CH DNA tested : genetically normal
TNS DNA tested : genetically clear
Hip Score: 4:6

I have always loved Boomer's mum Jolie since she was a little pup and when I saw she was expecting a litter to the gorgeous and talented Red I knew I had to have a puppy from this combination. Huge thanks to Danielle for allowing me to have him and also to my friends in Belgium, Marc and Martine for providing him with such a great foster home 'til his passport allowed him to travel to the UK. Boomer has been here since February and has settled right in; his flyball is going great, he started running in Open  competition at 18 months old and is proving to be a quick, reliable team dog.


Show Results

17/09/2011 West-Flamish Championship : First place very promising, Babywinner 2011, judge Piet Roosenboom (Bel)

18/09/2011 Hond en Gezel Clubchampionship, Bruge : Second place Puppy Obedience

20/11/2011 Eurodog International Show, Kortrijk : Second place very promising, judge Patricia Wilkinson (UK)

10/12/2011 Club de Verenigde Hondenvrienden vzw Menen, West-Flamish Federation Christmas clubshow: First place very promising, best puppy in breed and best puppy in show, judge Deschuymerer Norman (Bel)

7/01/2012 Hoogstraten CACIB Show, Belgium: 2nd Place very promising

Image: 10 months old


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