Planned & Expected Litters

If you are genuinely interested in a Bryning pup please read first about our puppies and e-mail me about our future plans.

Please Note that a Bryning puppy is not an average 'run of the mill' border collie; these litters combine the very best in type, temperament and working ability from around the world; a lot of time, effort and expense has gone into sourcing these lines to ensure we are producing puppies of the highest quality.


Puppies planned for 2020/21

Our plans are just that and therefore may change (there's nothing quite so unpredictable as dogs!)

All litters will be planned to achieve our aim of happy, healthy, sociable pups, beautiful and well constructed with the intelligence and trainability for all disciplines.

please e-mail me for further information or to express an interest.


Fynn X Nike

Image: Fynn x Nike

Black/White, tricolour and sable puppies expected from this combination.

I am keeping everything crossed for this litter as it's going to be a very special one!  Fynn is a really fantastic dog with amazing bloodlines, some of which cannot be found elsewhere in the UK.  He has only ever produced a single litter because he's actually not a very good stud dog (in that he needs a lot of encouragement from the bitch and cannot be handled in any way to achieve a mating) so has never been available at public stud.  He's now 11 years old so this is pretty much going to be my last opportuntiy to have something from him, praying the breeding gods will be kind!

I will definitely be keeping at least one puppy from this litter so won't know what's available until they are around 5/6 weeks old so if you're interested in one of these you will have to be patient, sorry!

**Nike has been scanned and confirmed in whelp, puppies due around mid August**


Mercury X Rebel

Image: Mercury x Rebel

Planned for late 2020/early 2021

Black/White and Blue Merle puppies expected from this combination with a chance of Blue/White and Slate Merle.

These puppies are going to rock!  I expect these to be beautiful, friendly, outgoing and high energy pups, perfect for very active or competitive homes.

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