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Image: The 'Locheils' at Bryning (Lloyd, Dottie, Ethan, Mercy) photo copyright Nick Ridley Aug 06

About us...

My affix 'Bryning' is pronounced 'Bry (as in Bryan) - ning' and is actually the name of an area near where we live in Lancashire. My first working sheepdog was registered on the Working Trials and Obedience register simply as 'Bryning Bob' because I couldn't think of a fancy fandangled name at the time and we lived on Bryning Lane. My next WSD soon followed, a little chocolate tri called Spud, he was registered as 'Bryning Hot Potato' (getting more adventurous by then see!). When it came to applying for an affix with the KC for registering my litters Bryning seemed like the obvious word to choose and it was granted as my first choice and so began Bryning Border Collies.

We are a hobby show and dog sport 'kennel' based in the North West of England; established in 2002 although we have had working sheepdogs and border collies for quite a number of years. I initially started out training and competing in obedience and flyball and eventually decided that I wanted to breed good looking, good natured, keen, lively and biddable border collies…the way I liked them to be!!

I started with a base of pure working bred dogs (mainly line bred to Sadghyl Pip CDX UDX) with a few well bred show dogs to add some type and glamour. The dogs we have of show breeding are from proven working/dogsports lines as ultimately for me, the working drive of the border collie is paramount.

Not all my dogs live with me, I have several living with family and friends. I try to do as much as possible to keep them (and myself!) entertained from their daily runs to our flyball and agility training sessions. Most weekends are taken up with breed shows, BFA flyball tournaments and, more recently, agility shows too.

The breeding side of things is an extension of the hobby, an interest in dogs generally and Border Collies specifically with a particular focus on genetics stemming from my degree in Animal Science.

Although border collies are the breed I'm most passionate about, I am a dog enthusiast through and through and just adore the working breeds. Along with the border collies I also own working cocker spaniels, parson russell terriers and a super little working bearded collie. They all compete in BFA flyball; we actually have our own multibreed team! I also recently took on a 'little' rescue puppy, believed to be a Whippet x Saluki, he now stands at around 23" at the shoulder! He is my first experience of living with a sighthound but what a joy he is to own! He's currently in training for flyball and is looking very promising but proving to be quite a challenge too! I don't mind if he never competes since he is just a super companion.

If you have any questions about me, my dogs or any of the things we do or you just fancy a chat please feel free to get in touch!

E-mail me on bryning@hotmail.co.uk

We are based in Lancashire, North West UK

Image: Mac, Molly, Spud, Kes & Lexie - summer 2004


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