Bryning Gold Blend

Bryning Willie Wagtail X Dawn of Sunloch Valley at Bryning IMP (Bel)


Rico aka 'Reeky Deeky' or 'Ginger Bob' , lives in co-ownership with Carla Whyte down in Milton Keynes where he lives the life of riley! He is currently training for agility.

I am hoping that Rico will be a valuable addition to our breeding programme here, he has shaped up really nicely. Rico is so like his grandad Sunny in so many ways, they have the same mannerisms and cheeky winning smile (able to get them out of all sorts of trouble but equally likely to get them in it!! lol)

Registrations: KC
Colour: Shaded Sable & White
Date of Birth: 7th March 2007
Colour genes carried: tan point, dilute

Eye Tested: Goniodysgenesis Unaffected / CEA/PRA/PLL clear 6.03.10
CEA/CH DNA status: genetically 'normal'
NCL DNA status: genetically 'normal'
TNS DNA status: genetically 'clear'
Hip Score: 5:7


Image: Rico at 2 years old

Image: Rico at 13 months old

Image: pics by Trevor Greenslade

Image: Six months old

Image: 14 weeks

Image: Six weeks old

Image: One week old

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