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'The Bryning Bunch'...out and about...

Fun in the snow...April 2008


Image: Faith


Image: Teal - Bryning Time to Shine

Image: little Olive!

Image: Spark - aka the 'the big hairy yetti!'

Image: Squirrel aka 'little Squirt!'

Image: Olive again...

Image: Squirrel again...


Image: Teal


Image: Scottie at 6 months with 'Uncle' Ethan

Image: Ethan...in hot pursuit!! (at home May '07)

Image: Lexie and Spangle, racing in the fields at home (May '07)

Image: Faith - Bryning True Believer

Image: Lloyd, Lexie & Dazzle at Cuerden Valley

Image: The gorgeous Mac man...

Image: Spangle at Cuerden Valley

Image: in the water at Cuerden Valley

Image: Cheeky Teal, getting a better view!!

Image: A very soggy Ethan!

Image: Spangle

Image: Faith - about 16 weeks old

Image: Cuerden Valley

Image: Dazzle - Bryning Sparkle n Shine

Image: waiting....in the river up Pendle Hill

Image: In the river up Pendle Hill

Image: Drake by the river at Pendle

Image: Spangle by the river at Pendle

Image: Ethan...watching...

Image: A very soggy Miss!!

Image: Sunny & Lori on Pendle Hill, Oct '06

Image: Pendle Hill - Oct '06

Image: Lloyd, Dottie and Mercy racing on the beach at Anglesey

Image: Lori, Ethan, Dottie, Dazzle and Mercy dashing past Linda's legs!! Anglesey '06

Image: Dottie, Lori and Dazzle with Pip's pups Lola and River, in the fields at home

Image: Lola and River exploring by the pond

Image: Sunny & Dottie on the beach at St Annes

Image: Mercy and Dazzle on the beach at St Annes

Image: Kes, Pip, Spangle, Quinn, Dazzle & Sunny up Beacon Fell

Image: A very mucky pup! Sunny up Beacon Fell

Image: baby Ethan in the 'garden' at home

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