Parson Puppies

Wesley x Squirrel

Glendream Stargazer at Bryning x Glendream Glad all over at Bryning


Squirrel whelped a lovely litter of 6 to Wesley, 2 white/tan girls (one broken and one rough coated), 1 white/tan boy (rough coated), 2 tricolour boys (broken coated) and 1 almost all white boy with a little black eye patch (rough coated)

They have grown up to be gorgeous little companions as I expected they would :o)


Available pups at 8 weeks old

Video of the pups meeting a new friend, a little over 4 weeks old...

Image: white & tan boy

Image: tricolour boy 1

Image: white boy with eye spot

Image: tricolour boy 2

Image: white and tan girl

Image: little dark faced white and tan girl

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