Other Litters by Sunny

Litter born 8th August 2007 (Holland)

During his stay in Belgium Sunny also mated Danielle Boshouwers' Wish from the Kennel Nice of You to Comebye in Holland. Wish whelped 9 red/white puppies on the 8th August.

Rhonabwy Awsome Lady (Imp Aus)

Borderfame Awsome Force X Rhonabwy Sunshine Annie

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Litter born 1st March 2007 (Belgium)

Sunny spent a period of 6 months living in Belgium with Wendy Eeckeloo at Hof Diabolo Border Collies; during this time he sired a litter of 10 black and white puppies to Wendy's blue tricolour bitch 'C'

Rayz of Light C-Holly

Silque Invincible X Maeglin XKit

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