Other Litters by Oz

6 - Canen Sky's the Limit - 'Nell'

Image: Ozzy and Nell

Pups born on 4th Dec...
1 choc/white boy, 3 black tri girls, 1 black/white girl, 1 blue merle girl

Image: ah...what a good mummy...

Image: Newborns


5 - Wildfell Bit o' Heather - 'Bracken'

Bracken is a lovely natured beautiful long coated chocolate and white bitch. This is a repeat mating of Freddies' litter.

Unfortunately there were complications with this litter and Bracken had to have an emergency c-section and spay losing 3 pups.

Fortunately 3 strapping young lads survived, 1 choc/white, 1 black tri and 1 black/white

These pups are all spoken for

Image: 8 weeks old

Image: pups at 10 days old


4 - Bryning Lily of the Valley at Amistoso - 'Lily'

Litter born on 14th February from Oz and Lily, Lily belongs to my friends Rachel and Mark down in Swindon.

4 black/white boys and 5 black/white girls

Image: various pics around 4 weeks old


Image: Pedigree for Oz and Lily's pups

3 - Tinker Nell - 'Nell'

Dec 2007
Litter no. 4 for Ozzy!
5 pups born - 1 choc/white boy, 1 choc/white girl, 1 black/white girl, 1 black tri girl and 1 choc tri merle girl



2 - Breezes Zephyr - 'Breeze'

This is Oz's 3rd litter, they were born on the 17th April 2007...4 boys - 1 blue tri merle, 1 blue merle, 1 choc/white, 1 black tri and 2 girls - 1 choc merle and 1 black/white.

Breeze is a much loved member of the Harrison family (Nuneaton DTC), she is a lovely natured young lady and competes very successfully at BFA and Crufts-style flyball.

These puppies are all destined for the flyball ring...we wish all their owners the best of luck with them!! (and just remember...you're not allowed to beat your daddy!!)

Image: 4 weeks old



1 - Wildfell Bit o' Heather - 'Bracken'

Image: Oz and Bracken

Oz's first litter arrived on the 21st August 2006, the dam is Norman Johnson's lovely chocolate and white bitch Bracken (dam of our Pipit )

Bracken whelped 4 big strong puppies...1 black/white boy, 2 black/white girls and 1 chocolate/white boy.

You can see Freddie all grown up on his own page.

Stacked Pics - 7 weeks old

Image: Boy 1 - 'Archie'

Image: Boy 2 - 'Freddie'

Image: Girl 1 - 'Skye'

Image: Girl 2 - 'Tess'


6 weeks old...

Image: The Whole Gang!

Image: Boy 1 (black/white)

Image: Boy 2 (choc/white)

Image: Girl 1 (black/white)

Image: Girl 2 (black/white)


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