Other Litters by Mac

5 - Sashmear Chamber of Secrets

Canen Robin at Bryning X Sashmear Chamber of Secrets

Pups born 28th October 2007

5 dogs - 2 black/white and 3 blue merle; 2 black/white girls


4 - Canen Diva Aqua Girl

Canen Robin at Bryning X Canen Diva Aqua Girl
D.O.B - 28th Dec 2005

Jack Cross at Owanhill Collies in Worcs had a litter of 8 choc/white and choc merle dogs and bitches from his lovely dark choc girl Canen Diva. Puppies have gone to agility/flyball/obedience/pet homes.

Image: Owanhill Red Sea - 'Poochkin' now living in Germany

Image: Owanhill Red River - 'River' living in with the Williams family in Yorkshire

Image: newborn babies

3 - Bryning Niamh the Red Rocket

Canen Robin at Bryning X Bryning Niamh the Red Rocket
D.O.B. - 4th October 2005

Niamh whelped her second litter to Mac, 5 girls (choc & white and choc merle) and 2 boys (choc & white and choc tri)…Niamh was on loan to my good friend Jack Cross and was supposed to be learning to work sheep!! Niamh had been in season shortly before she left with Jack to attend a two week sheepdog training holiday at Pembroke Sheepdogs (which she really enjoyed!!); it soon became apparent a few weeks later that she was in fact in whelp!! Niamh was temporarily signed over to Jack so this was his litter.

These pups all went to agility/obedience/flyball/working homes.

Image: 'Tinker Nell' - 13 months old

Image: Sally Knott's 'Dax'

Newborn pics.....the girls



2 - Canen Tyzz

Canen Robin at Bryning X Canen Tyzz
D.O.B - 7th March 2005

Tyzz whelped 3 big healthy boys, 1 blue tri merle and 2 black tris.

Canen Anzac at 9 months old, destined for obedience...


7 weeks old


4 weeks old





1 - Wildfell Bit o' Heather

Canen Robin at Bryning X Wildfell Bit o' Heather
D.O.B 30th May 2004


Bracken (pictured above) was mated to Mac and produced a litter of 4 puppies on 30th May 2004. It is from this litter that we kept Pipit so you can see this litter's pedigree on her page.

Click on the link below to see their baby pics...

click here to see this litters' puppy pics


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