Kenxiam Noble Prince

FT CH Orgest Yfwr x Kenocto Chocolate Glow


Breed - English Cocker Spaniel (working type)
Registrations - KC
Date of Birth - 31st December 2010
Colour - Liver 
Eye Tested: Goniodysgenesis Unaffected, PRA/PLL clear
prcdPRA DNA status - clear
FN DNA status - clear
Colour genes carried - none that we know of

Ollie is a cracking little dog, small in stature but big in heart...just as a cocker should be.  He's got a fantastic pedigree and a lovely temperament...keen, quick and biddable, he was the ideal choice for Teal's final litter.

I am expecting little powerhouse puppies from this combination as both parents stand at just 13" TTS (i.e. small for agility and 8" for flyball).

Pups should be ideal for flyball, agility or as active family pets.  I am expecting only solid blacks but all the pups will carry liver, tanpoint and roan and may also carry gold/lemon.



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