Breed - Whippet x Saluki

Born - June 2010

Sex - Male (castrated)
Colour - Blue sable with brindle points (white bib & paws)

Height - 26” TTS

This is Flint aka ‘Flinty McGinty’ he came to me as an approximately 12 week old puppy via Just Fur Now Pet Rescue based in Biddulph, Cheshire after I’d seen his pic on facebook and fallen in love with this funny goofy looking little creature! lol

The rescue were told he was a whippet x saluki which seems perfectly feasible but given his relative size I wouldn’t be too surprised if there were some greyhound in there along the way too, he is certainly 100% sighthound though so technically speaking he is a ‘longdog’ rather than a lurcher.


This type of dog is so different from anything else I’m used to living with and looking at that I can never quite decide whether he is the goofiest looking thing around or stunningly gorgeous!   He is certainly a fabulous colour (what I can only describe as blue sable with brindle points) and is a very elegant dog and he also happens to be an absolute pleasure to own, live and work with.  Lots of people told me I was crazy getting a sighthound to mix with my pack and I was told he would be soft, stupid, lazy, hard to motivate/train, difficult to get a recall on and a fussy eater when in reality he has been the exact opposite of all those things!  He is tough as old boots, super smart, highly driven with a strong desire to fetch and play tuggy, highly biddable, easy to recall and eats like a horse!!  My intention when getting him was to train him up for flyball and this has been relatively straightforward because of his strong play drive but we did have a few of the issues I’d anticipated we might early on.  Firstly, the strong sighthound prey drive and eye meant that he was easily distracted out of the flyball lane and into chasing the dog in the other lane (or other ring!) or the dog he was supposed to be passing with.  Secondly, being such a big, long legged creature he was going to struggle co-ordinating all four feet to turn cleanly off the box.  I'm happy to report that we've managed to work through these problems relatively easily and he's looking very promising!

Image: approaching 2 years old

Image: ah...wasn't he just the cutest little thing?!


Breed - Whippet x Saluki

Born - Dec 2010
Sex - Female

Colour - Chocolate (white bib & paws)

Height – 21” TTS


I came across Dee when looking for a lurcher pup for a friend and being the same cross as Flint she caught my eye; she was looking for a new home locally to us and I arranged to go and meet her so of course it was inevitable that she came home with us!  She was called ‘Lady’ which I didn’t like much so we shortened it to ‘Dee’ which she responds to really well.  She is a lovely happy, confident and outgoing little girl, super friendly with people and other dogs and very, very, VERY fast!  The challenge now is harnessing that speed and drive!  At the moment she doesn’t play with toys...tuggy or fetch and she’s been ‘worked’ so has a very strong chase/prey drive so there’s lots of work to be done...should be fun!



Breed - whippet/greyhound/saluki/beardie

Born - 6th August 2013

Sex - Female
Colour - Black

Height - TBC

This is Vespa, I bred her myself from Dee and her dad runs on our top flyball team.  She is just the most endearing little dog and I love her to bits.  I'm dying to see how she turns out.


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