Beesting Shot in the Dark

9th Nov 2010 - 11th April 2011

Drift was only with us for a very short time before he was called to the Rainbow Bridge by a tragic accident at just 5 months old. In the short time he was here he captured the hearts of those that knew him, a real unique character, strong and confident but keen and attentive, a real 'people dog' he was my little shadow. From the day he came home he would always come and sit between my feet whatever I was doing and wrap his front paws round the sweeping brush or mop like he was trying to 'help' with the cleaning...a HTM trainers dream dog!

I am heart broken that I didn't know him for longer and have the opportunity to spend more time training and working with him, he had so much potential we never got to see realised; our journey together had barely even begun. Drift was taken far too soon and I hope beyond hope that he is at the bridge waiting, run free my special little boy.

Image: 9 weeks old

Image: 5 weeks old

Image: 5 weeks old

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