Cocker Puppies 2007

Drake X Teal

Drake and Teal produced a lovely litter of 6 puppies...

Bryning Makin' Waves - 'Rio' - blue roan and tan girl
Bryning Makin' Merry - 'Maizy' - black and tan girl
Bryning Truly Radley Deeply - 'Radley' - black and tan girl
Bryning Makin' Magic - 'Magic' - blue roan and tan boy
Bryning Makin' Trouble - 'Murphy' - black and tan boy
Bryning Makin' Tracks - 'Zac' - black and tan dog

Click here to see their growing up pics.

7 weeks old


puppy play time!

6 Weeks Old

Nearly time to say 'goodbye' to our mad cocker babies, we will certainly miss them!

Here's my cousin Amy coming to visit their new puppy 'Radley'...



4 weeks old

The pups are coming on really well, very active...happy and playful little souls.

Sadly last week Merry was diagnosed with a condition known as 'dry eye syndrome' in her left eye; she is receiving treatment and is quite happy and healthy otherwise but will be staying here with us, at least until we know what the long term prognosis is. (please note, this condition is not hereditary)

Morning Mad Minute!!



23 days old

Sorry, more videos....cocker puppies are very hard to photograph once they start running around!! (apologies also for the darkness of these vids)

18 days old

Getting rather busy for photos so here's some short videos instead!

9 days old

Image: The Girls

Image: The Boys

1 day old

Image: Awwwww.....

Image: contented mum and pups at 1 day old

Newborn piccies



Image: All the girls...

Image: All the boys

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